Leasing payment

MEDshop.dk, in cooperation with the leasing agency, offers a good opportunity for alternative financing.

Why can leasing be a good solution?

  • -Position of liquidity, which can be used for other purposes
  • -Better liquidity. The costs are distributed over the period of use of the equipment and generate earnings
  • -Nem budgeting and accounting, as the entire lease charge can be expensed
  • -Full disposition of equipment. It is the right of disposal and not the property that provides a basis for earnings
  • -You maintain your credit rating at current bank connection
  • -The constant services make it easy to calculate costs
  • -Full deduction for lease payments

Leasing has become the preferred form of financing in business. This is because, among other things, leasings are a very suitable tool in a world that is constantly in motion. Here it is essential to be able to renew themselves and their competitiveness in order to maintain and increase earnings.

Examples of leasing benefits:

Leasing amountrepayment periodMonths. performance
15.00012 months1295.-
50,00012 months4310.-
10000012 months8600.-
15.00024 months591.-
50,00024 months


10000024 months


10000036 months2597.-

The amounts are approx. amount and will require individual calculations. At 12 + 18 months periods 5% residual value is calculated. For longer periods 10% residual value. Subject to calculation errors and changed rates from the leasing provider.

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