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A wide range of dermatocopes and accessories can be found at MEDshop.dk. We have a range ranging from cheap dermatoscopes to kittens such as. KaWe Piccoligt dermatoscope, for professional dermatoscopes such as Heine Delta 20 and the popular dermlite dermatoscopes. MEDshop.dk is also official distributor of dermatitis dermatoscopes in Denmark and Norway. - If you miss a dermlite product in our assortment, please contact us and we will get it home as soon as possible.

There are many options and accessories in the form of contact plates, polarization filters, etc. - We will be happy to assist you with instructions. We always have the right prices and can always find the exact solution you are looking for. We also have Dino-Lite dermatoscopes where the dermatoscope camera connects to your computer and images can be taken directly into the journal or forwarded to the specialist. Dermatoscopy of the skin after malignant lesions requires experience, but first and foremost, it requires a dermatoscope / episcope that you find above.


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